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Ghost Roll Call is a warm up exercise where, to the rhythm of the group's clapping, each team member names themselves in Roll Call style, i.e. "My name is [blank], I am a ghost," then proceeds, in time with the group's rhythm, to describe anything about the invented ghost, such as likes, dislikes and, most often, the ghost's manner of death. Between each "verse" the group repeats the previous player's last phrase twice and then repeats "ghost roll call" twice before the next player continues. It is a vital part of the exercise that it not be introduced or explained beforehand, and that uninformed team members must figure it out and participate based solely on context clues and examples from other players. The trick of Ghost Roll Call is that because it is not an established warm up game or exercise and because the guiding principals are so sparse, there is almost no way to achieve, let alone maintain, rhythmic or textual consistency. This puts Ghost Roll Call in the Engineered Disasters category of exercises.

Ghost Roll Call is often used as a practical MacGuffin to gauge group mind and the in situ mental state of whole teams or even specific players. Ghost Roll Call is infamous for bringing to the surface previously hidden hostilities and insecurities of weaker players, and as such should be regarded as a possibly dangerous, Advanced-Level warm up.

History and Miscellany

Ghost Roll Call was invented and perfected by Tracy Hoole and Taylor Moore of the infamously secretive group, NANNERTUBES as a response to conceptually boring and only intermittently useful, mainstream warm ups.

The existence of this page actively negates the most interesting thing about the exercise and probably shouldn't exist.