Gethard 401 1/06-3/06

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A UCBT 401 level improv class taught by Chris Gethard from January of 2006 to March 2006 on I believe either Saturday or Sunday afternoons at Champion Studios. This class included Sean Clements, Brian Faas, Anna Rubanova, Mark Gessner, Phil Chorba, Brandon Gardner, Nicole Schram, Greg DeSantis, Bob Kern, Jacob Knoll, Bill Grandberg and Cesa Kobe-Smith. Members from this class have gone on to play with the Indie teams Big Tobacco, Chantico Warfare, Pink Champagne, Blackout, Death League Tea Party, Fat Penguin, and LOAD, the UCB Harold teams Sandino, Tantrum, Beverly Hills, Bastian, The Fucking Kennedys,Bangs,Badman,and Scootch, the UCB Weekend Team Reuben Williams and the Magnet team Harlequin.

Memorable Moments from this Class

  • Greg DeSantis playing a Frankenstein monster trying to take a test and then in a second beat, trying to clean a house.
  • Bill Grandberg playing a very shy nurse who has to ask about a woman's sexual history.
  • Jacob Knoll announcing through a series of stretch and share stories that he has met a woman, gone to Disney World with her, gotten engaged to her, gone to meet her Iranian parents, and set a date for later that fall.
  • Gethard flying into a rage every week when the weird dance class next door would erupt into a cacophany of congo drums.
  • Gethard encouraging members of the class to bring tools to the class in order to dismantle windows so that the stifling heat of the room could be escaped.