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George is a verbal concentration warmup.

Players stand in a circle. One person is "George". Everyone else will go by their own name.

3 Beat Clapping

Their arms are bent at the elbow, and their hands are in front of them, so that their left hand is facing up and their right hand is facing down. Each person's left hand should be under their neighbor's right right hand. Then they begin a 3 beat clapping rhythm:

  • DOWN BEAT: The first beat, they clap their neighbors hands: up with their left hand and down with their right hand.
  • OUT BEAT: The second beat, they bring their hands up closer to eye level and clap out to the sides, again striking their neighbor's hands.
  • THIRD BEAT: For the third beat, people just clap their own hands in front of them.

Go slow at first, it takes a while for people to get this rhythm. Remember, it's three beats, not four.

Name Game

After everyone is on the beat, George will begin by saying his or her name on the DOWN beat and then saying someone else's name on the OUT BEAT. On the very next down beat, that person will say their first name and then someone else's first name on the next out beat. This continues until someone messes up.

If someone makes a mistake, they must go to George's right. Everyone in the circle who must move to fill in the vacant spot. Everyone then takes the name of the spot they are replacing.

George begins the clapping rhythm again and starts the name pattern.

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