Gavin Speiller

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Gavin is all kinds of awesome. He performs with the team Death By Roo Roo and loves it. In addition to that, Gavin was a founding member of the popular independent group Rogue Elephant. While with the group, he performed at a plethora of different venues and also helped write a nifty little sketch show entitled Anarchy Club. Other credits at the UCB theatre inlude 1985, The Law Firm, Killgore, Extravaganza! and 22 Short Films about Elliot Gould. He's also done some hacky stand-up although he's destroyed most evidence of this. Gavin loves college basketball and Yoohoo.


Gavin often absentmindedly doodles images of pizza pies on placemats at McManus. On August 30, 2009, he began a bit of writing misspelled toppings on these images (e.g. "pepper ronny", "oxtra chez"), signing them with his name as though they were art, and gifting them to other McManus patrons.