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Gary’s mentor and teacher was Viola Spolin, known as the mother of Improvisation. In the 1950’s, she and her son Paul Sills developed the first improv group in the United States that later became Chicago’s famed Second City. Gary began his association with Ms. Spolin in 1977 and has conducted many lecture demonstrations of Spolin Games techniques to various groups and companies across the U.S. and Canada. He is co-founder and director of The Spolin Games Players, a group of established actors (including Dan Castelanetta, the voice of Homer Simpson) performing Improv in Los Angeles since 1988. Winners of the 1989 DramaLogue Award for best ensemble, the L.A. Times called the show "brilliant and exhilarating." LA Magazine gave the show 4 1/2 stars. He directed The Spolin Players Northwest, a second incarnation of the successful LA production. They performed regularly in Seattle from 2001-2005. (

Gary has pursued a dramatic acting career, highlighted by his performance in the award winning film, QUEST FOR FIRE. Recently he appeared in WHITE FACE, an independent short film by Brian MacDonald, produced in Seattle and currently entered at several Film Festivals and now appearing on HBO. On television, Gary has a co-starring role to Ben Vareen on Hallmark Properties' Emmy winning ZOOBILEE ZOO as Bravo Fox. He is half of the comedy team, SCHWARTZ & CHUNG. From 1997-1995 they performed in Los Angeles and around the U.S. appearing on TV numerous times with their comedy. The latest being regular contributors to AMERICA’S FUNNIEST PEOPLE in nine original comedy segments called “Cool Ways to Scare Your Mom.”

He is Director Intuitive Learning Systems ( ) a non profit organization whose purpose is to promote the work of his mentor; offering workshops for professional and aspiring actors, directors and teachers as well as conducting special workshops for business, to enhance communication and creativity in the workplace (