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Gary "Gawy" Marinoff is an New York City-based comedian best known for his colorful and idiosyncratic performances at improv jams across the city. "Gawy," as he was affectionately called, was not only an improviser, however. He dabbled in stand up comedy, spoken word poetry, rapping, and scripted acting.

Let Gary Speak

Marinoff was a long-time extra on the NBC series 30 Rock, portraying an unnamed stage manager. In 2012, he organized an online campaign geared toward getting himself a speaking part on the show for the series finale. Entitled "Let Gary Speak," the request was apparently received and granted by the writing staff. The scene was left on the cutting room floor, however, and did not make it to air. Gary described the experience in a news story on

     "According to Marinoff, the scene he shot was meant to appear at the end of the episode, when Tracy Morgan's character hugs members of the show's crew goodbye.

     "He walked up to me and said, 'Goodbye. Thank you for your kidney. Just because you gave me your kidney, we're not friends. We'll never be friends,'" Marinoff said.

     "I said, 'Goodbye Tracy!' And the whole place applauded me.""

Rumored death

On August 27, 2015, rumors began spreading on Facebook that Gary had passed away suddenly. If they are true, Gary lived to be 56 years old. He is sorely missed, and will be remembered fondly by his peers in the comedy community.

Messages to Gary

  • Thank you for your always full-throttle, inspiring performances Gary. You made me laugh harder than almost anyone. You'll be missed.

-Jason Boxer