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[[Category: Sketch Groups]]
[[Category: Sketch Groups]]
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A sketch group that performed at the UCBT from 2004 through 2005. Its members were Neil Casey, Will Hines, Rob Lathan, Mitch Magee and Joe Wengert.


  1. Gameface performed four original sketch shows in June and July of 2004 at Under St. Marks.
  2. "The Only Bush I Trust Is The One In My Front Yard", UCBT September 2004
  3. "Church of Scientology" featured in NYC Sketchfest 2005.


Among their sketches were

  1. Joe Wengert reproducing, mostly unchanged, an act from Showtime at the Apollo in which an R&B singer gives out teddy bears to his adoring fans.
  2. Neil Casey as a very right-wing Statue of Liberty hitching a ride to a Nascar race with some park rangers.
  3. Mitch Magee as George Bush apologizing for his 8 years as president, during which time he started world war and annoyed Jesus Christ into leaving the dimension.
  4. Will Hines as a warrior failing a civics exam required to join the fabled Omega Council.
  5. Rob Lathan mooning Neil Casey in order to acquire items for a scavenger hunt.