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GOGA, which stands for "girl on girl action" was originally formed in 2000 as a cast of nine women performers from a wide variety of performance backgrounds. The cast performed weekly in New York at Bank Street theatre to enthusiastic audiences, and under the direction of Jay Rhoderick of Centralia, goga developed a frankly hilarious and extremely physical form of improv comedy that many people had never seen performed by women before. goga toured New Zealand that year and performed to sold out crowds with a great cast of four women, Amy Andrews, Kristi Casey, Karen Wight and Karen Herr. By the following season in New York, the cast was in rare form, and consisted of powerhouse performers Adrianne Frost, Erin Brown, Karen Herr and Karen Wight.

The next season, Asaf Ronen took over direction of goga, and two new cast members joined the group for a spectacular international tour in 2002 and Australia and New Zealand performances that year saw Kellee Santiago and Annie Figenshu on stage with the two original gogas, Karen Herr and Karen Wight. In 2003 [[Karen Herr and Karen Wight jumped into the exciting world of two person improv, and toured nationally to great success with the purest form of "girl on girl action" ever.

In 2001, goga expanded and all female improv troups formed in other cities. The first of which was Capitol goga, founded by Heather Fink in Washington, DC; Seattle goga in 2002, and Northwest goga Theatre in 2003. All four improv groups are currently inactive.