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Fwand was a New York City based Harold Team at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. They performed on Harold Night from September 5, 2006 until April 29, 2008. They were known for themed harolds and for having an amazing group mind.


September 2006: Dominic Dierkes, Jon Gabrus, Sean Hart, Kevin Hines, Ellie Kemper, Shannon O'Neill, Gil Ozeri, Greg Tuculescu

Chelsea Clarke replaced Shannon O'Neill (who went on to The Stepfathers) in September 2007.

Members went on to the teams The Law Firm, Bangs, and The Scam.

Memorable Harolds

  • The scab Harold
  • The christmas harold, where everyone in every scene had a mug of hot cocoa.
  • The ghost Harold
  • The Shannon O'Neill Harold (her final show, where she was in every scene)


  • The team received a standing ovation after performing their final show with the entire cast in March 2008.
  • The team performed under the name Fwa from April 1 to April 29, 2008.
  • The team reunited on October 4th, 2008 to perform at Fat Penguin's one-year anniversary show. The lineup included every member of Fwand except for Ellie Kemper and Sean Hart. This is the only Fwand show to feature Shannon O'Neill and Chelsea Clarke performing together.