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The Fun Institute, founded by Clifford Henderson and Dixie Cox, has operated out of Santa Cruz, CA since. Providing Santa Cruz's only drop-in adult improv classes, the Fun Institute offers both seasoned and beginning improvisers ongoing opportunities to wake up the senses, tap into instincts and stretch the imagination, with a focus on effective scene-building tools, physical mime and character work. Each Saturday morning class at the Broadway Playhouse begins with group and partner warm-ups and spontaneous choreography, and ends by performing humorous scenes and games in front of the class.

In addition to their drop-in group, Fun Institute offers SpotLife solo performance classes,as well as private coaching and off-site improv and team-building classes and residential workshops for retreat centers, corporations and special events.

Several times a year, Fun Institute brings renowned visiting teachers and performers from the Bay Area and beyond to Santa Cruz to present Masters Series weekend intensive workshops in long form improv, movement, special effects and more.

For more information, visit