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Friday Nite Improvs (FNI) is a weekly open improv jam in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. FNI is unique because there is no official cast of performers; instead, players are selected from the audience to play a variety of shortform games. Audience members/performers may be from established groups or people new to the form.

Created in 1989, Friday Nite Improvs is the theatrical or comedic production in the city of Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh City Paper has repeatedly ranked Friday Nite Improvs as one of the best places to see comedy in Pittsburgh it its reader polls. College Prowler ranks Friday Nite Improvs as the ninth best thing about the University of Pittsburgh.

Beginning in 2000, FNI began to feature a workshop before the show taught by Chris Griswold as a way to encourage audience members who wanted to improve and to stock the show with more experienced performers.

The first and most important rule of the show is "Failure is OK."

Regular performers included Chris Potocki, David Fielding, Chris Wylde, Eric Appel, Christine Nangle.

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