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Fred Schneider or Hey, Fred Schneider is a verbal warmup.

The game starts out by players standing around in a circle and asking, to a rhythm, "Hey Fred Schneider, what are you doing?" Then one at a time, people sing a non-sequitur line in the voice of Fred Schneider, the lead singer of the B-52's. After a person answers the question, he poses the question to somebody else.

Alternate Non-Fred Version

Due to complaints that the original version of Fred Schneider was essentially about standing around thinking of something funny to say, Amey Goerlich came up with a version of Fred Schneider that allows the player to replace "Fred Schneider" with anyone or anything. The next person then responds as that character.

Play does need to go in a circle, either. Players can direct their question at anyone in the circle, so that the group has to constantly pay attention.


  • A: Hey there ghost, what are you doing?
  • B: (in a spooky voice) Haunting up a mansion and scaring some people!
  • B: Hey there surgeon, what are you doing?
  • C: Doing lots of surgery because that's what I get paid for!
  • C: Hey there Crispin Glover, what are you doing?
  • D: Acting bit parts of movies you've never heard of!
  • D: Hey there chihuahua, what are you doing?
  • A: yip yip yip yip yip yip yip


"Hey Fred Schneider, Why Are We Doing This?" Thread on the IRC