Frank Booth

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Frank Booth

Harold team at ImprovOlympic Theatre from 1993 to 1997.



Frank Booth performed at various ImprovOlympic locations including upstairs at the Wrigleyside Bar, their small theatre across from the Theatre Building on Belmont and finally at their location on Clark Street, a half blook south of Wrigley Field.

Harold on the Holyrood

Frank Booth performed at the Edinbugh Festival Fringe in 1995 in a show called Harold on the Holyrood. The show consisted of a couple of long forms, one based on deconstructing snippets from the newspaper and the other a Harold.

Frank Booth in the Blue Velvet Lounge

In the fall of 1995, they performed opened the a show called Frank Booth in the Blue Velvet Lounge, a mix of improvisation and jazz standards performed by Tara Davis. The show, directed by Craig Cackowski, set many of the scenes in the fictional cabaret and performed them at the tables in the audience.


Similar in format to Living Room, Therapy had the members of Frank Booth sitting on stage, talking to each other and the audience about their real life problems and interspersing improvised scenes in between. The show was directed by Miles Stroth who also performed in the show. Performed in early 1997, the team stopped performing after the run of this show.


Liz Allen, Brian Boland, Dave Dunklebarger, John Fisher, Lillian Frances, Paul Grondy, Steve Mosqueda, Kevin Mullaney, Kelly Ruda, Mike Shreeman