Fortunately, Unfortunately

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Fortunately, Unfortunately is a verbal warmup. Players stand in a circle. One player states a phrase from the first person. The person to his left then says either "Fortunately," and gives a positive aspect of the previously mentioned event, or says "Unfortunately," and gives a negative aspect. Then the next person to the left says "Fortunately" if the previous person said "Unfortunately," and vice versa. Play continues around the circle.


  • A: "I found a wallet on the street today."
  • B: "Unfortunately, it didn't have any money in it."
  • C: "Fortunately, it was a lady's wallet, and it had her phone number in it!"
  • D: "Unfortunately, there was a picture of her inside it, and she was pretty ugly."
  • E: "Fortunately, that was her 'before' picture, and now she's looking great after all that plastic surgery"
  • A: "Unfortunately, when I called her there was no response."
  • B: "Fortunately, it turns out she has the clap, and it's a good thing we never did it."