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Form 2 began as an exercise in Scene Painting, created by a Tucson group New Kevin. The idea of the exercise was that there is a solid connection between a setting and its story. The form solidified several approaches to this idea into a simple format. New Kevin has performed Form 2 in many of its regular shows. Its first performance at Phoenix Improv Festival was a Form 2.


Suggestion taken for a form is usually a location or an event. The actors then quickly paint the scene, each in turn describing one or two objects in the scene. The description is not limited to physical objects, but can also specify moods, actions, and a general atmosphere of what is going. This creates a snap shot of the scene.

The group then begins a series of scenes that come together to form a story that leads up to the scene captured during initial scene painting. The last scene of the form is the originally painted scene. This last scene should, at some point, replicate as exactly as possible the original picture, though it doesn't have to end there. Actors usually limit themselves to one or two characters, to help keep the story coherent.

It generally helps to start somewhere completely unrelated to the painted scene - this gives the group many more options for crafting a storyline. Along the way, objects painted in the beginning are given a backstory and significance, so that in the end there is a reason for why they are in the scene.