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Foreplay was a New York City based team that performed regularly at The Peoples Improv Theater beginning in 2005. They were known for exploring erotic themes in their scenes and pushing the boundaries of traditional improv. With sensual lighting, costumes and settings, and a pre-show "salon" where they served wine and grapes to the audience (while soliciting suggestions for the show), Foreplay set a mood of expectation and desire. Foreplay incorporated monologues with slow-paced, patient scenework.


The group was founded by Deanna Fleysher in 2005. Original cast included Bob Acevedo, Dave Adams, Rachel Caruso, Diana DePasquale, Michelle Dobrawsky, David Furfero, Eden Gauteron, Ernie Privetera, Babsy Singer and Steve Weiner. Caruso, Dobrawsky and Gauteron left the group after its original run in summer 2005, and J.B. Rote and Alison Maher were added to the cast.

Foreplay performed at the Chicago Improv Festival and the Del Close Marathon.


The group was directed by Kevin Mullaney. Other directors included Billy Merritt and Asaf Ronen.


  • Bob Acevedo, Dave Furfero and Ernie Privetera, who had performed together on Shark Vs. Buffalo, went on to form the highly succesful improv trio Surf and Turf.