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Follow the Follower is a warm up exercise. It is sometimes used, often with variations, as an opener for shows.

Everyone in a circle in a neutral position. Coach says "go." The players start mimicking each other, exaggerating slightly what they observe. If a player notices another twitches his fingers, then he starts twitching his fingers in a more pronounced fashion. Soon the players should form a big amorphous shifting blog. Noises count. Mistakes and accidents should be repeated also.

No one should deliberately push or lead the group -- you can just mirror what you see. Also, don't get hung up if you believe someone else is pushing or leading.


To practice listening and observing each other. To make big physical choices. To trust that things will happen when you're not pushing/driving.


Follow the Follower can serve as an Organic Opening to a performance. Many teams, notably the PIT's Borealis, will perform the exercise to music to generate ideas for the rest of their set.

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