Floanne Ankah

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Floanne Ankah is an actor, singer, choreographer and award-winning filmmaker (http://floanne.com). She has appeared on feature films, television, in the theatre, as well as in numerous voice-overs and national commercials. She studied improv at UCB with Curtis Gwinn, Shannon O'Neill, Zack Woods, Gavin Speiller, Kevin Hines, and Dominic Dierkes (sketch). Other comedy classes include Armando Diaz at the Magnet (improv, sketch) and Randy Pearlstein (The PIT). She can be seen in sketch at UCBcomedy.com and performs with Cherub Improv, a volunteer comedy group.

Floanne has a webisode called Life with Flow (http://lifewithflow.com) where she helps produce short films she is involved in as an actor. Even though she is French, she doesn't cook well. She is not good at names, which is a bummer. Her favorite color is blue and she loves to watch people in the subway.