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*[[Charlie Troke]]
*[[Charlie Troke]]
*[[Eva Nemiroff]]
*[[Eva Nemiroff]]
*[[Marguerite Williamson]]
*[[Marguerite Bousquet]]
*[[Mae Livermore]]
*[[Mae Livermore]]

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Feral Christine was a longform improv and sketch team from Sarah Lawrence College. The team performed at the National College Comedy Festival and was the winner of the 2014 College Improv Tournament.

The team's name is a reference to Sarah Lawrence's Theatre faculty member, Christine Farrell, who taught the now defunct theatre component SLC Lampoon. Students who got into SLC Lampoon automatically became members of Feral Christine. The players performed two class improv/sketch shows for college credit each semester as SLC Lampoon and weekly long form improv shows as Feral Christine. The team usually performed in the Suzanne Werner Wright Theatre or the Frances Ann Cannon Theatre, but shows also took place in Downstage, Open Space, Reisinger Concert Hall, Batesment, and Slonim House Living Room.

During the first weekend of the fall semester, the team would put on the 24 Hour Sketch Show. Half of the team would stay up from 8PM to 8AM writing sketches and the other half would direct and rehearse the sketches from 8AM until the show started at 8PM the following night. Famous sketches from previous years include: Chickens For Hands, Sludge-O The Sludge Guy, Octopush Yourself To The Limit, Shrimp Fingers, Barbie Embalming, and Crispy Jessica at Pornhub General Auditions.

Past shows include: Consequences, SNACK SWAP, We Had To Do This: A Curriculum Required Show, Sleaze Be With You (a joint show with Drag Union), Is Court Gonna Be There?, LET THEM EAT CAKE and other things Marie Antoinette never said, and FILL THE WRIGHT.

Notable scenes from the 2019-2020 season: Worm Iraq War, Orphans Perform Annie, and Robot Supermarket: The Musical.


The 2019-2020 team included:

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