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Feature Feature was one of the most popular shows at the UCB Theatre during its run. The cast was the first group to exclusively perform The Movie in New York. Each show included two 25-30 minute features with a short intermission.

The show started in September 1999 at 11:30, following the popular show The Real Real World, before taking over its 10:00 slot upon its closure. The show closed in 2002 as a majority of the cast moved to Los Angeles. When the UCB Theatre moved to 307 West 26th, Feature Feature was revived for several months.

A signature of the show was the formal dress of the cast: suits and dresses. The first anniversary show was performed in black tie.

The Movie is a popular but difficult form. Feature Feature helped to solidify its appeal amongst the UCBT community at a time when that theatre was essentially the sole theater focused on long-form improv in NYC. The next UCBT show to perform The Movie regularly, Instant Cinema, was directed and taught by members of Feature Feature.

The first performance was introduced by Matt Besser as "3D Movie Live." The name "Feature Feature" was coined by Scot Armstrong.


Scot Armstrong, Will Berson, John Bowie, Rob Corddry, Jamie Denbo, Brian Huskey, Dyna Moe, Seth Morris and Andrew Secunda.

Andrew Secunda was not originally cast, but enjoyed the form so much he campaigned to be added in the first month. The full group of nine almost never performed together-- Scot Armstrong was often absent in the first year while working on his first movie "Road Trip," Jamie Denbo left for pilot season.

Jason Mantzoukas replaced Will Berson, the first to move to LA. Owen Burke joined the cast the 2003 revival.

Directed by Matt Besser


From the UCBT website:

A double dose of never before seen movies created from audience suggestions. Live on stage, before your eyes, witness dazzling special effects and arty camera work. Bold heroes, nefarious villains, bad language and good jokes. From opening titles to the final fade out...


2001 Chicago Improv Festival