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Fat Suit is an improv duo based out of New York City.


The duo is comprised of Andrew Jupin and Stephen Sajdak. While only performing as an improv duo since early 2009, Andrew and Steve have been comedy partners since co-founding the sketch troupe, The Gashouse Gorillas, in late 2004. After moving to New York, the two gentlemen began studying improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

Fun Facts

Both members of Fat Suit studied long form two-man improv under Armando Diaz.

Fat Suit's name was almost Judelka Bass.

The duo mainly performs a monoscene during sets.

Has performed at the Magnet Theater, The Creek, the Gotham City Improv and Under St. Mark's Theater among other places.

Both guys are affiliated with other improv teams, the likes of which include Swartzlander (Steve), Pillow Talk (Andrew) and Dick Move (both guys).


Get at them at fatsuitcomedy@gmail.com