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Fat Penguin is an longform improv comedy group that performs in New York City. They have a website at http://www.fatpenguinlove.com. Recently they have been performing the monoscene. Fat Penguin is an independent improv group, but all members were trained at the UCB Theatre.


All the members of Fat Penguin were trained at the UCB Theatre and became acquainted with each other at Improdome and Beyond Improdome, the weekly improv jams held at The PIT. Some of them practiced together in a short-lived, practice-only group called The League of Make Believe before forming Fat Penguin in July 2007.

On October 4th, 2007, Fat Penguin made their debut at Sean Taylor's Variety Underground at The Parkside Lounge.

In January 2008, Fat Penguin was selected to kick off the 2008 season of Cage Match at the UCB Theatre. Derrick, as the 2007 season champion, was supposed to start the season, but had to postpone due to scheduling issues. Fat Penguin defeated UCB Harold teams Tantrum (79-50) and T.R.U.C.K.S. (76-41) before finally facing to Derrick in their third week. Both teams performed before a sold out house, which voted 109-96 for Derrick as the new champion. Fat Penguin currently ranks fifth of all time in average number of votes per show (83.7).[1]

On Saturday, July 19, Fat Penguin hosted its own show, Mashed Penguin, for the first time at The Players Theatre. Their guest group was Daystallion.

On October 4th, 2008, Fat Penguin will be hosting another Mashed Penguin show to celebrate their one year anniversary. Their guest will be fwand.


Fat Penguin consists of Johnny McNulty, Benjamin Ragheb, Rob Stern, Kelly Hudson, Dave Bluvband, Bridget Fitzgerald, Alan Starzinski, and Amber Nelson


Past coaches have included Kevin Hines, Justin Akin, Gil Ozeri, Charlie Sanders, Neil Casey, Jim Santangeli, Birch Harms and Megan Gray.

Other group overlap

  • Johnny, Kelly and Amber are all members of Snacktime.
  • Rob is on KnifeStorm.
  • Kelly and Amber are the first two letters in the now-inaccurately-named KAPE.
  • Dave is on Iron Ruckus.
  • Dave and Alan perform as a duo known as Starband.


  • The women of Fat Penguin are all really tall.
  • Benjamin is half English. His penis is half Egyptian.
  • Kelly has a crush on everyone.
  • Dave will make you pasta if ask him.
  • Johnny and Ben attended Ivy League Universities.
  • Bridget just beat Children of Mana on her DS. Her penis is half Japanese.
  • Alan has the penis of a young boy.
  • Rob likes to eat at a pizza place called Posto. Rob has had sexual relations with a woman while Alan has not.
  • Dave loves Mega Man.
  • Amber is from Louisiana.
  • Johnny was once so hungry he ate a horse. Johnny also ate the horse's penis. Johnny is the author of The Zen Of Eating A Horse While In Possession Of A Tiny Penis.
  • If you guess Alan's true hair color, he owes you three wishes.
  • Fat Penguin is 6/8 nerd.
    • Actually, Fat Penguin is 3/4 nerd.
      • Possibly more.[2]
  • Before taking improv classes, Dave used to write fan fiction about his own life. Now Dave lives fan fiction about his own life.
  • Kelly is from Austin, TX but did not go to school at UT Austin.
  • All of the women from Fat Penguin grew up in the South and escaped to the North to stop being slaves or so they didn't have to marry their cousins.
  • Rob is the only member of Fat Penguin who does not live in the New York City. He has an upstate penis.
  • Have you ever seen a dragon? Well, Amber Nelson has.