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Famous John was an ill-fated musical improv group formed by Danielle Zeghbib and Jeff Scherer, after responding too late to an IRC thread which was the birth of the more successful Jonathan Maximus Rockenstern. Its cast members incuded, at various times, Scherer, Zeghbib, Tony Carnevale, Glennis MacMurray, Helaine Cira, Lisa Ackerman, Scott Thewes, John Flynn (after whom the group was eventually named), Stefan Schick, Kassi Dougherty, Jason Fletcher, Deb Frankel and James Monohan. They were coached and directed by Chicago City Limits mainstays Travis Ploeger and Rob Schiffmann.

Despite rehearsing regularly for more than a year, they managed to get their act together to perform exactly once, at Variety Underground. It wasn't good. However, many friendships and creative partnerships came out of the time spent together, and valuable lessons were learned about how not to run a group.