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Ethan Kaye is current the Mayor of the IRC (2008).

Ethan started performing comedy at Easton High School, directing and writing for the massive sketch show "Saturday Night Live at the High School." After beginning college at Alfred University in 1999, Ethan became a performer and head writer for Alfred's Pirate Theater, a long-running sketch troupe. He met Bill Pullman once, he was nice. Ethan performed with Pirate Theater for 4 years, as well as hosting a radio show and writing humor columns for the school newspaper (it was college, so you do all kinds of stuff).

After graduating in 2002, Ethan moved to Raleigh, NC, and hooked up with a fledgling Dirty South Improv, taking classes with Scott Jennings, Ross White, Porter Mason, and Jon Karpinos. While at DSI Ethan performed with over 20 teams, including Community Bike, Room 158, The Night Attack (co-creator), Senor Bueno (co-creator), and two versions of the Documentary. In addition, he directed PT Scarborough Is A Movie and briefly taught classes at DSI.

Ethan moved to NYC in 2006, eventually playing with teams like The Comic Book, Canadian Girlfriend, and Mice Cream. Currently, he is writing for ToyFare Magazine and occasionally playing shows around NYC, in addition to being Mayor of th IRC. He lives on the internet at[1].

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