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Erik Tanouye currently improvises at the UCBT as a member of the group Grandma's Ashes. He has previously been seen with Bastian, The Scam, 1985, Dillinger, The Shoves, The Mosaic NYC, Orchestra Pit, Stomping Ground, Corpa, and AsiaTown, an Asian-American improv troupe he co-founded. He was a contributing writer for Comedy Central's unaired "Sports Central" pilot. He has directed acclaimed improv shows by I Eat Pandas and T.J. Monkeys , and co-wrote and performed in the sketch shows "Proceed With Honor" and "Red Christmas" at the UCB Theatre. Erik has also performed stand-up comedy at alternative venues throughout New York. He has an English degree from Dartmouth College, plays guitar, and enjoys photography.

Tanouye has an intimidatingly strong grasp of the comedy of a scene. His second beats, walk-ons and callbacks stun his teammates and audience members with their precision. Many a teammate has let him fry in third beats, waiting for him to make a move assuming he has something planned. He doesn't always. A soft-spoken and thin person, Erik was at first a quiet stage presence. Over the course of his improv career, he has become a hugely physical player, to the point where his Harold Team 1985 let him perform as a stripper by himself for an entire "group" game.

Ask Erik about his Amazon Kindle and he probably won't shut up.

For a long time, Erik was really picky about not only lending out DVDs and books but also borrowing them. He took such good care of these things that he could not even borrow other people's for the mental stress it would cause him. He's gotten over that, slightly.

Hometown: Rockville, MD