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English Speaking Moose is a Los Angeles-based improv and sketch comedy group, and current resident team at IO WEST.


Officially formed in November 2009, English Speaking Moose is made up of three longtime friends and award-winning performers who manipulate time and space, command the elements, and forge history in their wake.

They were originally the house team of IO WEST's Ok, Intriguing Comedy Show every Wednesday. Next they became part of Saturday night's ADT Smash Night series. Then they started hosting their very own popular show, still running, every Tuesday in the Del Close Theater at iO West called The One Hour Improv Festival.

With a combined number of 22+ years of improvisational experience, the three members continually push themselves to the limit; whether it's performing a medley of various long forms, or creating viral comedy sketches, you'll never know what they will do next.

In 2010, the members are the group wrote, directed, and performed in a sketch comedy pilot television show for IFC. Currently, the sketches from the first episode can be seen on Funny or Die.


Former members include:

  • Kevin Allen, co-founder

Past guests have included: