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Started under the name EndGames Productions by improvisor Peter Kim in 2010, EndGames was established to bring an enduring comedy theater and improv/sketch training center in the Chicago tradition to San Francisco. Due to the steady growth of class enrollments and audience sizes, as well as Kim's departure to Chicago for advanced training, in 2013 EndGames Improv was reincorporated under a Board of Directors composed of the community's most experienced performers, teachers, and producers, with the addition of sketch classes to the regular curriculum.

While there has been a long and vibrant history of improvisation in the San Francisco Bay Area, starting in the 1960's with The Committee, where Del Close experimented with and developed early versions of The Harold, continued through the 1970's by Flash Family, the 1980's & 1990's by BATS Improv & San Jose ComedySportz, and the 2000's by Un-Scripted Theater Company, and Pan Theater in Oakland, the regional orientation was predominantly toward short-form training. Building upon foundational training in TheatreSports, San Francisco's distinct tradition of narrative improvised theater was developed at BATS Improv, then further refined by Un-Scripted Theater Company, which performs narrative exclusively.

Despite many notable performers and groups that brought Chicago-style long-form (improvised sketch comedy) experience to San Francisco throughout the 2000's, including Crisis Hopkins, Lila Theatre, Shaun Landry, and Jody Skeris, it was not until the establishment of EndGames Improv and a rebooted Leela SF in 2010 that students and audiences had regular access to classes & shows in the Del Close tradition.


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