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Ed Reggi is an owner, founder of Paper Slip Theatre, and teacher of improvisation in St. Louis since 1993.

Reggi is considered one of the top improv teachers in the Midwest and the United States. Although formally trained as a Musical Theatre actor; Reggi had his first exposure with improv in his hometown of New York City at Chicago City Limits.

After performing scripted theatre for over 10 years, he applied and was accepted into The Second City's Training Center's Minority Outreach program. It was at Chicago's The Second City where Ed met and began his work with Martin DeMaat. Through his study and close relationship with Martin, Ed began working with all the former students of Viola Spolin; the mother of Improvisation.

In 2000, Reggi started a close working relationship with The Second City co-founder Paul Sills. Reggi began taking classes at Paul Sills' Wisconsin Theater Game Center. This lead Reggi to continue his thirst for Spolin's with Jeffery Sweet, Max Shafer, Gary Schwartz (founder of the Spolin Center), Michael Gellman, Avery Schreiber, and Paul's wife Carol Sills. While working with Paul Sills Reggi trained side-by-side many actors who came to Paul looking for the foundation of where improv all began; some of these professional actors have since gone on to work for many network television shows; Saturday Night Live; and the Daily Show. His near decade training with Paul and Carol Sills has made Ed Reggi one of the most sought after Teachers of Spolin based improvisation. In 2005, Reggi invited the Sills to his acting school. Paul Sills flew out to St. Louis to work where some say improvisation all began with the St. Louis Compass Players.

His list of teaching credits include: Center Of Creative Arts (COCA), CITY Improv, and many Improv Festivals throughout the World. Reggi's former students have performed or written for television, commercial theatre, and the motion picture industry.


Born in Brooklyn and lived across the street from the Brooklyn NBC Studio. Where he got much of his acting start by sneaking onto the television set. Ed Reggi attended the highly recognized magnet Edward R. Murrow High School with Marisa Tomei, Darren Aronofsky, and Beastie Boy Adam Yauch.


Reggi is a professional AEA actor and has an Emmy Award for his voice over commercial television work. He has performed with improv groups GayCo, Neutrino, SPIT (Manila, Philippines), Onomatopoeia, The Commuters, Chick Force, CITY Improv, How We First Met, OUTprov, Paper Slip Theatre, The Marty and Homoeratic.

Reggi was the Chicago Improv Festival Stage Manager for the Main Stage performances from 2002-2007. Today, he is an Artistic Associate and Apprentice Team Teacher with the Chicago Improv Festival.

In addition to writing and producing commercial theatre; Reggi is a Gay Rights Activist.


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