Eat My Sandwich

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"Eat My Sandwich" is a rhythmic warm up. With slight variation, it also referred to as "Shambooyah." For a more free-form version of this game, see "Time Warp."


For an example of the rhythm of this, see here - hover your cursor above the the text that says "All Together" at the top of the piece to find a play button).

  • Everybody in a circle.
  • Together, recite the refrain: "Eat my sandwich, eat, eat, my sandwich. Eat my sandwich, eat, eat, my sandwich."
  • From there, one person improvises four lines of a phrase.
    • The first begins with "My name is..."
    • The next three all start with "I," and they continue to describe whatever character has come out of the "My name is..."
  • Everybody repeats the refrain.
  • The next person in the circle improvises four line.


The structure of this game depends on your intentions for it. Not every ensemble adheres to the rhythm delineated in the sheet music example. Some require that each line after the "My name is..." one begin with the word "I" (which is also indicated in the sheet music example). Some ensembles stipulate that your couplet must rhyme, usually adhering to an A B C B rhyme scheme. Some don't stress this and encourage it as an exercise in spontaneity, much in the style of "Time Warp."

The refrain of "Shambooyah" is as follows: "Shambooyah, shambooyah, shambooyah role call. Shambooyah, shambooyah, shambooyah role call."

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