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==See Also==
==See Also==
[[Big Booty]]
[[Big Booty]]
[[Category:Warm Ups]]
[[Category:Warm Ups]]

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E-5-Dammit is a verbal concentration warmup, named after player 5's likely exclamation. This variation of the popular Big Booty style game was taught to Paperback Rhino by Comedy Xperiment, who perhaps invented it.

Round One

Players stand in a circle. One person is 'A'. Players are labeled to the leaders left, such that a 7 person group would have person G standing to A's right.

In the first round of play, A will say the letter of someone else in the group. That person will respond by saying another letter, establishing a rhythm that should be maintained. Play continues until someone messes up.

For example:





D:"Q" -but this group doesn't have 17 players!


If someone makes a mistake, they must go to A's right. This is the end of the line. Players move to filling the vacant spot, and must assume the appropriate letter for their position (i.e. letters are always in order).

After a short time, ideally well before players become proficient at this version, move on to round two.

Round Two

In Round Two, numbers are added. They behave exactly like letters, A=1, B=2, C=3, etc. Players now have the option of calling out a letter or a number, and the added challenge of listening for both their own letter and number.

Again, before players have mastered the variation, move on to round three.

Round Three

In Round Three, players may now call out either the number, letter, first name or last name of another player in the circle.


'A' should give a call of "Ready?" before starting. The purpose of the game is concentration and listening, so it's pointless to call on a player when they haven't had the chance to figure out who they are. If they forget who they are, then by all means punish them.

Beyond Round Three, acceleration, and a stricter enforcement of rhythm are good ways to increase difficulty.

See Also

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