Dumpster Tequila

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Dumpster Tequila

Dumpster tequila is a musical improv group that was formed in March of 2009 from a Musical Improv 101 class at Upright Citizens Brigade taught by Eliza Skinner. They performed their first show at The Players Theater on April 14th, 2009 as part of Stagebuddy Live.

Stephen Sondheim does it, but it takes him years. Andrew Lloyd Webber does it, but it takes him years, then his cats erase it from his piano. Dumpster Tequila does it on the spot, creating a 30 minute musical based off of one audience suggestion. All the music is made up, all the lyrics are made up, all the dialogue is made up, and sometimes we dance a little, that's made up too!

Dumpster Tequila hosted a monthly show at The Creek and The Cave from May 2009 - January 2011. They now perform at The Player's Theater in Greenwich Village.

They have played The Phoenix Improv Festival, The Del Close Marathon, Up The Creek Camp, as well as shows at Improv Boston, Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre NY, The PIT, The Magnet Theater, and Gotham City Improv.

For more information, please visit their website Dumpster Tequila Musical Improv NYC


Dumpster Tequila is Brian Waters, Jason Saenz, Evan Watkins, Kerry McGuire, Doug Gordon, Maggie Lehrman, and Patty Devery

Joel Esher is the group's musical director


Dumpster Tequila is currently coached by Michael Martin of The Made Up Musical with Joel Esher on piano.

Dumpster Tequila has been coached by Doug Gordon of Veal, and Ben Whitehouse and musical directed by Ari Scott.