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Dru Johnston is an actor, improviser and writer based out of Brooklyn via Sammamish, Washington. Since moving to New York in 2007 he has studied improv under Joe Wengert, Shannon O'Neill, Anthony King, Michael Delaney, Chris Gethard and Armando Diaz among others. At the UCB he's performed with the sketch show "Conversations with Deb" and the improv shows The Time Capsule and Tiny Town. His sketch/improv troupe The New Deal are the current champs of the Magnet Theatre Inferno and have performed all over New York, Boston and North Carolina, and his elaborate blog project, The Year of the Blog (http://theyearoftheblog.wordpress.com), led the NY Post to deem him the "Tolstoy of short attention spans." He graduated from Whitman College with a degree in theatre.

  • He is the heart and soul of Sandino.

Dru is great at:

  • Not breaking in scenes
  • Making other improvisers break in scenes