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Dreamboat formed after Brandon Gardner emailed a few students from his Improv 201 classes at UCB to see if they wanted to form a practice group. Dreamboat first practiced together as a team on Thursday, November 12, 2009 from 7:30PM - 10:30PM at Simple Studios. On November 20, 2009 they performed together for the first time, opening Bombardo's long-running show at Gotham City Improv.

They have since performed in countless shows all over the city with teams like Rogue Elephant, Iron Ruckus, Sherpa, Froduce, Tesla, and MADCAR.

As of January 28, 2011 Dreamboat has hosted a show at Under St. Marks on the fourth Friday of each month. The show starts at 10:30PM, admission is $6. To publicize the monthly show, Dreamboat put together a series of promotional videos which can be seen here [1].


Georgia Clark, Jocelyn DeBoer, Morgan Evans, Phillip Jackson, Patrick Noth, Steve Theiss, Ryan Williams, and Zack Willis

Jocelyn DeBoer and Phillip Jackson joined in May 2010

Former members of Dreamboat include Brian McElhaney, Mara Mindell, and Geoffrey Murphy.


Won the 2010 Del Close Marathon Indie Team Cage Match Tournament, defeating 23 other independent improv teams.

Challenged Outlook of the Poet in UCB's Cage Match on February 3, 2011 and lost handily but nobly.


Brandon Gardner, Gavin Speiller, Ben Rodgers, Jonathan Gabrus, John Murray, Josh Patten, Frank Hejl

Fun Facts

  • Georgia is a published author and is from another country (Australia)
  • Jocelyn has been in a Trojan Condoms commercial
  • Morgan works at The Onion and is too young to legally drink alcohol in this country
  • Phil is an award-winning advertising strategist and plays one of those weird-looking straight saxophones
  • Steve appeared in a New York Times online slideshow saying that he does not look up to Tina Fey as an actor [2]
  • Ryan is a Libra and was once pushed off a fake airplane wing by Steve Martin [3]
  • Zack studied Mathematics at Emerson College