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Dr. Sickbone is a long form improv team created in the spring of 2009. Sometimes they do Harolds, sometimes a Le Rondtage, sometimes just crossword puzzles. It's fast, it's weird and it's a 9-letter word for funny (starts with 'h'). They met in different classes at the UCB and on various seedy websites. Sickbone has performed at the PIT, the Creek and pretty much every other place where indie improv happens.

Dr. Sickbone has been coached by Gabrus, Fran Gillespie and, currently, Brandon Scott Jones.

Members are/have included: Adar Eisenbruch, Andrew Warner, Brian Santa Maria, Jack Carter, Jackie Jennings, Jake Grate, Neve Kulkarni and Tim Masick.

The group was briefly called Litter Bug but everyone realized what stupid name that was and they switched to the far less regrettable moniker they bare today.

Contact the Bone at drsickbone@gmail.com