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Dr. Awesome was a UCB Theatre improv team that performed at Harold Night from 2001-2003.



The name that the team planned on using before their very first show was slated to be "Home Improvment." However, during a warmup before that show, where each member had to come up with a superhero name, Aaron Bergeron quickly came up with "Dr. Awesome" as his response. Original member Chris Fosdick liked the name so much that he suggested using that as the new name for the team.

The full original name of the team was "Doctor Awesome and his less attractive sidekick."

A form called "The Doctor Awesome Radio Hour" was being worked on with then coach Billy Merritt (and was performed in a nascent form at the Del Close Marathon) prior to the team's disbanding.

A fictional backstory to "Dr. Awesome" was that there was a pediatrician named "Dr. Kevin Awesome." It was widely believed that he was an incompetent physician.