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Don Fanelli is from New Jersey. He has no shame. He performed in 16 shows in April of 2009 and 17 shows in October of 2009. He is committed. He is honest. He is fearless.

Don Fanelli's nicknames include: "The Hackensack Hellraiser", "The Handsomest Man in Hackensack", and "The Big Bad Buck of Bergen County".

Don Fanelli was the captain of his high school football team, a member of a fraternity, and cares about his appearance. His ability to function and thrive in an improv comedy community is therefore astounding.


UCB Shows

Cops & Robbers, The Movie 2009


  • Don has an unearthly capacity for sincerity, which, when observed in concert with his shaven chest, renders him entirely irresistible to women and homosexual men
  • Don owns Fanelli's Cafe [1]
  • The dashboard of Don's Buick LeSabre closely resembles that of the Starship Enterprise
  • Stays hydrated at all times, which is clear from all the empty water bottles in the passenger seat of his Buick LeSabre
  • Never mind, someone else owns Fanelli's Cafe
  • Is the best at making people break in scenes
  • Will probably take off his shirt
  • Exhibits racist tendencies only when driving his car
  • Until very recently believed the word "Anime" was pronounced "Ah-Neem"
  • Has a lot of sex