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Dog Court is a long-form improvisational group founded in June 2009. They are coached by Jed Resnik, of JTS Brown and taco eating, and have been since their inception. In May 2010, they were victorious in The Arena, a 40-team improv tournament held at The Creek, twice breaking the record for highest vote total in the process. They are the current champions of the Magnet Inferno, becoming only the third team to be retired from the competition, after SMIRK and The New Deal.

Dog Court has currently performed forty-one shows as a group.

Their only warm-up is screaming Flagpole Sitta at the top of their lungs.

They are also just real nice guys who would genuinely like to know you.


Justin Grace
Jeff Julian
Mike Pullan
Sam Reisman
Alex Weinberg

Former Members

Liz Varner

Team Mom

Teresa Tulipano

Dog Court also has in-jokes and here are just a few

- The Fart Gun
- "DVD? DVD?"
- Alex Weinberg and His Boyfriends
- Jeff's weird gun noise that no one else can do
- Sam's 1990's 'tude sunglasses ("You need to get a NEWWWWWW perspective!")
- "Burgerburgerburgerburgerburgerburger--eat a burger" (To the tune of "Walcott")