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"Do As I Do" is an energy warm up.


The beauty of this exercise lies in its utter simplicity. It can be thought of as a building block to Follow the Follower.

  • Everybody in a circle, the leader somewhere in that circle as well. Not inside it, just standing like any other person.
  • Say something like "The title of this exercise is the only thing you need to know. It's called "Do As I Do."
  • The leader proceeds to perform improvised sound and movement combinations that constantly morph and transform, and the rest of the group mimics them.


Each combination should vary in rhythm, speed, and tone. Try to live in each one of the them for a spell, repeating or exploring it for 5 or 6 seconds, and then move on.

Consider sharing leadership in this exercise. You could establish a signal beforehand that transfers the leadership role.


The first half of the bullet points indicates the movement and the second indicates the sound.

  • Bouncing a baby in front of you / cooing to it →
  • Spinning a pizza into the air / exclaiming like a pizza chef →
  • Popping bubbles above your head / each with a “pop” sound →
  • Pantomiming rain falling down / “shhh” rain sounds →
  • Etc.

Other info

This is a favorite exercise of the Story Pirates.

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