Dirtiest Sketch Show in NYC

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A sketch competition held periodically at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.


Most recently hosted by Hot Sauce (Adam Pally, Gil Ozeri, Ben Schwartz). Previous hosts include Owen Burke and Jackie Clarke.

This is traditionally the worst show for interns to work. Their duties during the show include cleaning up between sketches while the hosts heckle them, asking them if this is worth the free class they get.

Memorable Sketches

  • Marcy Jarreau getting raped by Oscar Magellanes. This was played realistically and all was silent in the theater during the rape save for Marcy's screams and Jackie Clarke's howling laughter. Aubrey Plaza played Marcy's bitchy friend.
  • Ross Bergman sticking the handle of a plunger up his ass after reading from Mein Kampf while masterbating.
  • The Calgary Whalers vomiting into a bucket then pouring it on a naked man as he rolled around on stage, and also the one where they had sex with a chicken that got killed that afternoon (in accordance with halal law).

Past winners

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