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A longform improv comedy group in New York City which performed at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre on Harold Night. They performed from March 27, 2003 to October 26, 2004.


Sarah Burns, Brett Christensen, Anthony King, Lennon Parham, Risa Sang-urai, Erik Tanouye, Joe Wengert, Zach Woods.


Shortly after forming, Dillinger became one of the premier Harold Teams at UCBT, remarkable as it was each member's first Harold team.

They were one of the first anchor teams (performing every week in a month and in the last spot, whereas most teams were given fewer spots at different times), beat The Swarm to become NYC Cagematch champions, successfully brought back the then-unpopular Pattern Game as an opening.

Everyone in the cast became a major player in UCBT shows, forming the core of many respected improv and sketch teams, as well as producing the future artistic director (King) and school director (Wengert).

Dillinger was also known to be weirdly obsessed with each other and would only talk to each other when at McManus. This, coupled with their nature as a young team that came out of nowhere to almost instantly put on better shows than teams with numerous veteran players, made them a resented crew during their existence. It was not uncommon to hear the phrase "I like them all individually, but I can't stand being around Dillinger when they are together" while out in a social setting. This has also lead to many saying that "Bastian is the new Dillinger." Their close knit bond clearly worked for them, though, as anyone watching them could see their unity pay off. It was common to see the entire team sitting together in the audience at Harold Night just about every week.

They were twice paired with Police Chief Rumble to perform in a show called "Cops & Robbers."

Coaches included Billy Merritt, Owen Burke, Chris Gethard, and Pat Shay.

After Anthony King and Joe Wengert moved to join Reuben Williams, the rest of the team formed The Shoves with Bobby Moynihan and Angeliki George.


The name "Dillinger" was suggested by Sarah Burns, who promptly forgot it and began telling people she was on a team called "Derringer."

During their final show, an audience member ran onstage to perform with them after mishearing a line of dialogue. Joe Wengert gently returned her to her seat.


At its first, last, and several other important shows, Dillinger entered to the song "Love Train." At other shows, they always entered to a song with "love" in its title. At the end of their final show, they exited to "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" by the Beach Boys as they threw free Dillinger t-shirts into the crowd.