Devlyn Corrigan

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Devlyn Corrigan is an improviser and actor as well as ER doctor, who moved to NYC in 2000. A Southern California native, he was in the theatre company Sanus and acted in and/or directed such plays as Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Fools, and Bathroom Humor. Devlyn has studied improvisation at the UCB Theatre since 2003 with Michael Delaney, Billy Merritt, Julie Brister, and many others. Devlyn's UCB credits include: Flux Capacitor, The One Act Play Festival, and Wrestle Slam Mania. He is currently on the UCB Harold team The Fucking Kennedys, and the Magnet Theater house team Team X. He is a former member of the harold team Tantrum. Currently he is goateeless.

Devlyn has often served as the defacto primary care physician for the UCB community, almost none of whom have medical insurance. They are known to hassle Devlyn at bars and with late night phone calls regarding medical conditions. To his credit, Devlyn rarely if ever expresses how extremely fucking annoying this must be.

In a cruel twist of fate, Devlyn once fell on the UCB stage and broke his wrist. This is one of the three worst on stage injuries in UCB history, along with Sean Conroy breaking his leg and Rob Huebel slicing his hand apart with a tuna can during a performance of Piledriver.

Hometown: San Diego, CA