Del Close Marathon Indie Team Cage Match Tournament

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The Del Close Marathon Indie Team Cage Match Tournament is a battle to the death comprised of 24 New York based indie teams with the winner receiving a slot at the Del Close Marathon. Teams compete for the love and admiration of the audience, and all victories are decided by the audience vote. The tournament is an exponent of the popular Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre show, Cage Match

Battle Structure

The battle is structured as such:

Preliminary Round

6 matches of 4 teams each.

Each team receives 15 minutes.

Winner of each Preliminary Round advances to one of two Semi-Final Rounds

Semi-Final Round

2 matches of 3 teams (winners from the Preliminary Rounds)

Each team receives 20 minutes.

Winner of each Semi-Final Round advances to the Final Round

Final Round

1 match of 2 teams (winners from the Semi-Final Rounds)

Each team receives 25 minutes.


A slot in the Del Close Marathon

Unlimited Blow Jobs for Life

The winning teams likeness made into a marble statue and placed in the Parthenon.

Previous Winners