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Team History

DeCoster is a Harold Team at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre that was formed in July 2007. The team debuted on August 14, 2007. Members of DeCoster previously performed on the Harold teams Kill Your Darlings and Creep.

Home Theatre



Founding members: Eric Bernat, Eugene Cordero, Kirk Damato, Matt DeCoster, Megan Neuringer, Pam Murphy, DC Pierson, and Ari Voukydis.

Ryan Karels replaced Eugene Cordero (who went on to Reuben Williams) in October 2007.

Betsy Stover was moved from The Scam to replace DC Pierson (who went on to The Law Firm) in September 2008.

Matt DeCoster retired from the team in early 2009 and Jim Santangeli replaced him in April.


  • Intro: ???
  • Outro: "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meat Loaf


The team is named after improvisor and founding member Matt DeCoster, and is one of very few improv teams that are named after real people (another being Terry Jinn Presents Sgt. Frankenstein).

After doing the DeConstruction for the 2008 Harold Team Challenge, DeCoster began using a deconstructed scene for their Harold openings.

Ari was Kirk's Level 1 teacher in January 2003.

Their starter name was Road Hamlet.