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Daystallion is a longform improv comedy group in New York City who all met taking classes at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Fascinatingly, many of them had reason to know one another prior to their meeting at UCBT, yet save one exception, they did not, at least not that they are aware of.


Daystallion is the Loud Lauren Adams, the Enchanting Emily Axford, the Peaceful Paul Briganti, the Articulating Andrea Jones-Rooy, the Coy Chris Mann and the Rambunctious Rory Panagotopulos. Saddle up.


They are perhaps best known for their 2008 National Tour, for which at least one groupie followed them loyally. They love that fan. It's possible there were more only they were too shy to introduce themselves. During this tour Daystallion travelled across all of the East Coast and deep into all of your dreams.


Daystallion is also celebrated for its discovery of the Freeform Performance Art Method of show warm-ups and is co-developer of the Dizzy Bat Improv Form.


Daystallion is the improv equivalent of finding your worst enemy dead by another hand. Their name is the opposite of a nightmare, and that's exactly what they are.