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*[[In A World...]]
*[[In A World...]]
*[[The Time Capsule]]
*[[The Time Capsule]]
*[[The End of the World]]

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Dave Bluvband (born May 5th, 1989) is an improviser from New York City. He performs on the improv teams Fat Penguin, Iron Ruckus, The Chrononauts, Jello Guys, and is 1/2 of Starband and Band Class. Dave has studied improv and sketch under Charlie Todd, Shannon O'Neill, Zach Woods, Will Hines, Armando Diaz, Michael Delaney, Jackie Clarke, Christina Gausas, Anthony King, Joe Wengert, Neil Casey, Billy Merritt, Chris Gethard and Matt Walsh.

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  • Dave's Mother is world renowned jewelry designer, Sonia Bitton
  • Born and raised in Queens, New York.
  • Dropped out of Borough of Manhattan Community College after only one semester
  • Currently attends New York Film Academy.
  • Knows every teacher that the members of Fat Penguin has had in chronological order.
  • Is an avid fan of the video game characters Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby and Spyro the Dragon.
  • Has a phenomenal memory.
  • He has a strange physicality onstage that makes you think all of his joints are ball-and-socket.
  • One of Dave's nicknames is "Beezy." Only Matt Little uses this nickname to refer to Dave.
  • Began improvising at age 16.
  • Refuses to perform scenes with Wigstool.
  • Is a werewolf. Coincidentally, also likes to play Werewolf, the party game.
  • He kisses chickens. Just picture it because it's hilarious.
  • Dave is the Dark Knight of IRC Improv Wiki editing. He often swoops in to provide link brackets, category labels, and fact checks. This is a neverending task for which, some day, Dave will be memorialized with a marble plaque.