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Dan Chamberlain is a New York writer and performer from Groton, Massachusetts. Born in August of 1985, he has been improvising since 2006. Past coaches and/or instructors include Neil Casey, Ryan Karels, Anthony King, John Frusciante, Curtis Gwinn, Charlie Sanders, Achilles Stamatelaky, Charlie Todd, Joe Wengert, and more.

He is a founding member of independent teams We Can't Live In a Cave and Children of a Sexy God, who perform Krompf's signature form, The Gator.

As laptop producer Chambaland, Dan's music mashups have been featured on Best Week Ever, NYMag's Vulture Blog, and other such fine media outlets. Alongside Brandon Scott Jones, he is co-author of parodic lifestyle website fleyrm.

Dan is known for his unique vocal talents, which he lends to and endless array of characters ranging from old-timey radio announcers to flesh-eating warlocks, and including pitch-perfect impersonations of figures such as Tom Waits and Orson Welles.

Dan is the founder of am.fm.pm, a weblog dedicated to music, pop culture commentary, and Dan's comedic writing and comics.

Selected works