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Dan Abrams is an improviser, coach, and screenwriter in New York City. Daniel Joseph Fleming Abrams was born, May 31, 1985 in Englewood, NJ. He grew up in Closter, NJ, and attended the Elisabeth Morrow School and Dwight Englewood School, as well as Bennington College and the School of Visual Arts.

He was introduced to improv when he was hired to write a pilot by Shadowmachine Films, producers of Moral Orel and Robot Chicken. Consulting writer Dan Milano mentioned that while Dan's structural intentions were great, his actual scene writing was terrible and suggested he do improv. It improved Dan's writing but also took over his life.

He's a member of the indie team, Friends of the Museum.

He has studied improv at UCB, PIT and Magnet, with a wide variety of teachers, including Shannon O'Neill, Kevin Hines, Kurt Braunohler, Pat Shay, Matt Donnelly, Rebekka Johnson, Billy Merritt, Joe Wengert, Neil Casey, Gavin Speiller, Anthony King, Ali Farahnakian, Rich Talarico, Gil Ozeri, Armando Diaz, Louis Kornfeld, Peter McNerney, Blaine Swen, Rachel Hamilton, Tara Copeland, and Alex Marino.

He has been coached by Kevin Hines, Corey Brown, Nate Lang, Dan Bookbinder, Brandon Gardner and Alex Marino. He highly recommends all of them any chance he gets, as both coaches and friends.

He has studied sketch, despite his admitted hatred of the medium, at the PIT and the Magnet, with Alex Zalben, Joe Schiappa, Ali Farahnakian, Gary Rudoren and Armando Diaz.

He has studied screenwriting in the real, non-improv world, with notables Stephen Bach, Mark Poirier, David Berry, Joan Brooker Marks, Suzanne Weinert and Mark DeGasperi.

Working in development, Dan worked on several super awesome scripts that got made and you should all see: Live Free or Die, Seraphim Falls, Walk the Talk, and Pretty Bird.

Dan once worked in reality TV development and became so fed up he pitched the most exploitative show idea he could think of, as a joke. It was a Bachelor style show called Golddiggers and everyone loved it. Dan quit soon after.

Dan helped produce several Viacom DVD's, but his pet project was Ren & Stimpy: Complete Seasons One and Two.

Dan tries to improvise at least one scene every day and advises the people he coaches to try to do so as well. He can frequently be seen at Magnet Mixers, drop-in improv classes and workshops, Improdome, New Team Lunacy, and Happy Hour. He loves to play with brand new improvisers and will frequently offer them encouragement after in a vain attempt to grow the community so that his own star can grow brighter.


Dan was born into a large and industrious family, with several members who were notable or newsworthy in their field, for good reasons and bad. His great grandfather, Samuel Abrams, was the founder of the once popular chain of New York City bakeries, Victoria Baking Company. His great uncle is Toy Hall of Fame inductee Jerry Fryer. He has two french cousins who are celebrities in france, his cousin Christopher Thompson is a well-known actor and screenwriter and his cousin Caroline Thompson is a TV psychologist. His aunt is the painter Elizabeth Thompson. His first cousins are the socialites Antonia and Victoria Thompson. He is somehow distantly related to Mets great Art Shamsky.

Dan's mother is controversial trial attorney Cathy Fleming, who despite her long democratic party affiliations and presidency of the National Association of Women Lawyers, the oldest feminist organization in the US, played an instrumental role in the confirmation of Samuel Alito.

Dan was runover by a schoolbus a few days before his seventh birthday and it nearly killed him, permanently shaping his views on life.