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(Past Shows/Groups)
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==Past Shows/Groups==
==Past Shows/Groups==
* FligFlog (from the Three Hander class)
* Sister Sex Wolf (2012)
* FligFlog (from the Three Hander class, 2012)
* [[Dumpster Tequila]] (2012)
* [[The Macroscene]] (2009)
* [[The Macroscene]] (2009)
* The Rashomon Effect (2009)
* The Rashomon Effect (2009)

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Curtis Retherford is an improvisor from New York City. He moved to New York City in 2006 to take classes at UCB. He has taken classes from, among others, Chris Gethard, Joe Wengert, Anthony King, Shannon O'Neill, Charlie Todd, Porter Mason, Kevin Hines, Jordan Klepper, Laura Grey, and Lydia Hensler. He has been coached by Kevin Hines, Gil Ozeri, Gavin Speiller, Amey Goerlich, Jeff Hiller, Sue Galloway, Silvija Ozols, and Neil Casey.


Past Shows/Groups


  • Curtis does a truly impressive Bob Dylan impersonation.
  • Curtis hates messenger bags that are poorly designed.
  • Curtis loves writing about improv warm-up exercises.
  • Curtis briefly joined Bad Data for one show on April 25th, 2009, for The Creek Improv Fest.