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Crisis Hopkins is a San Francisco-based improv and sketch comedy troupe that was formed in late 2006. They are named after an infamous 19th century San Francisco vagrant who interrupted the sermons of street preachers with the cry “The Fire and Brimstone preachers are gone, friends; Now Listen to Reason!” Crisis Hopkins is the sole producer of the 2010 San Francisco Improv Festival.


Cassidy Brown, Christy Daly, Lily Harvey, Chris Hayes, Sam Shaw, Anthony Veneziale, and Jamie Wright. Julie Potter is a player emeritus.

2009 Season

  • "Crisis Hopkins: Boston Improv Festival", ImprovBoston, Boston
  • "Crisis Hopkins' Temporary Improv Festival", Eureka Theater, San Francisco
  • "San Francisco Theater Festival", MoAD, San Francisco
  • "One Nation Under Crisis", Stage Werx, San Francisco
  • "San Francisco Sketchfest", The Dark Room, San Francisco
  • "Crisis Hopkins' Improv Soapbox", The Climate Theater, San Francisco

2008 Season

  • "Crisis Hopkins' Off-Night Spectacular", monthly, Climate Theater, San Francisco
  • "Listen to Reason", Theater Asylum, Los Angeles
  • "The Twilight Zone: The Plays V", The Dark Room, San Francisco
  • "Listen to Reason", Andy Dick Black Box at IO, Los Angeles Improv Festival
  • "Listen to Reason", Livery Theater, Laughstock IV: The Comedy Improv Festival, Ventura
  • "Crisis Hopkins' Improv Soapbox", monthly improv jam, Climate Theater, San Francisco

2007 Season

  • "Introducing Crisis Hopkins", The Dark Room, San Francisco
  • "The Twilight Zone: The Plays IV", The Dark Room, San Francisco
  • "Crisis Hopkins: Listen to Reason", The Dark Room, San Francisco
  • "Listen to Reason", Perishable Theater, Providence Improv Festival,
  • "Panhandle Improv Jam", Panhandle Bandshell, San Francisco
  • "Damned for a Limited Time", Climate Theater, San Francisco