Crazy Eights

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Crazy Eights is a high-energy warm up exercise.

Players form a circle. In unison, everyone lifts the right hand, shakes it quickly, and counts to 8. They repeat this with the left hand, then the right foot (kicking it in the air while balancing on the left) and finally with the left foot. Everyone immediately repeats the pattern, except this time the players only count up to 7. In each round, the players count up to one less number, until everyone is quickly waving their entire body shouting "1! 1! 1! 1!" Then everybody cheers.


Loco Ocho

Same rules, except players count up in Spanish.

Crazy Sixteens

Similar rules, except players count up to 16 on the first round, and then to 8 on the next round, and half it at each round.